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Blog: Stop Following Their Rules! - 2010-03-26

F0.png Stop Following Their Rules! March 26, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

That's one of the most basic pieces of advice that I give to people who are leaving the Church of Scientology, and it is one, frankly, that a lot of former members have difficulty thinking with. I had difficulty thinking with it when I first left.

The simplicity is this: If you have decided to leave the Church of Scientology, then you are no longer bound by the rules of the Church of Scientology. You do not have to follow their rules. You do not have to do anything they tell you that you "must" do.

A friend of mine, as he was leaving the Sea Org, was told by an executive, "You are being declared Suppressive. And you cannot live in Los Angeles, you'll have to locate somewhere else." The Church didn't want this person "infecting" the LA field. My friend informed the executive, "Dude, when you declare me Suppressive, you've just lost all your leverage. I'm no longer a member of your Church and you can't dictate where I live. I'll live wherever I want to."