Blog: Superpower -- The Facts - 2013-07-09

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F376.png Superpower -- The Facts July 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A write up by Dan Koon about Super Power has just appeared on Operation Clambake (see here).

Because I have had so much to say about the subject of its "imminent" release, I am republishing Dan's write up here in full (though if you want the attachments referenced, go to Clambake, I have not attached them or linked to them here).

If there is one person who knows the story of Super Power — what it contains and what it is supposed to accomplish — it is Dan Koon. His recollections may help distinguish the hype from reality and help make clear just what a boondoggle the entire Super Power pitch is — both in terms of the actual technology it contains (the majority of which is NOT new) and even more so the need for a grandiose marble palace in which to make it available to those who have paid beaucoup bucks for the privilege of receiving a handling designed to rehabilitate staff assigned to the RPF as List One R/Sers.