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Blog: Test Drive The Warehouse 8 Today - 2014-04-09

F376.png Test Drive The Warehouse 8 Today April 9, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A Special Correspondent sent this in from South Africa where they are offering people a test drive of the Warehouse 8, but no trade in allowance on their old model.

It never ceases to amaze me how suggestible people are inside the bubble. Tell them the Quantum is "perfect" and reads "instantly" and is "so much more responsive" and whatever other foolishness and they will write "success stories" parroting whatever they have heard at events. Then come out with the Warehouse 8 and tell them the Quantum sucks donkey dong and they will jump right on that bandwagon about how THIS is now soooooo amazing. If you put the guts of a Mark VII in a Mark VIII case and gave it to these people they would write exactly the same bunk. It's funny to read the "successes" from "Flag pc's" about how incredible the auditing is "now" with the Warehouse 8 — because Flag has had Warehouse 8 guts inside Quantum cases for a decade while they were "being piloted."

But really, if this meter is so damned good that it makes all auditing that has gone before it akin to walking through a swimming pool full of molasses wearing snow skis and your eyes burned out with hot pokers, then isn't anyone upset that this life-saving, eternity granting miracle was literally kept in a warehouse for a decade while Dear Leader figured out the best marketing gimmick for maximum sales and sold off his stocks of old meters?