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Blog: Texas is Independents' Country - 2011-05-26

F0.png Texas is Independents' Country May 26, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Corporate Scientology has gone bat shit crazy in Texas. So much so that the Independents of Texas have firmly established the state of Texas as Indie country. Radical Corporate Scientology is a nonentity, it has become at most the creator of material for sad jokes. Here are the most recent evidences of Corporate Scientology's meltdown in Texas:

Here is what the central Idle Org of Austin Texas is up to:

The church of Scientology is not going to do anything about putting ethics in on the sleezy investment class that has single-handedly crashed the world economy. Note: this is no criticism of capitalism and investment but read Adam Smith - source on Capitalism - investment should reward the servicing of a salutary cultural purpose, not be a casino for the idle to cash in on the labors of others. In fact, rather than play the role of the mighty reform organization LRH gave it, the church is going to make as many sleezy investment class members as it possibly can - that way, goes DM's reasoning, someday "I can own it all."