Blog: The Aftermath Foundation Assists Sam Crabtree - 2019-08-10

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F376.png The Aftermath Foundation Assists Sam Crabtree August 10, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The information below was provided by Aaron Smith-Levin, along with an interview video he did with Sam Crabtree. I knew both his parents in the Sea Org back in the day, his father Paul more than his mother Debbie, especially when he was the Cram Off RTC.

The video is a long one, but fascinating.

Sam is a second-generation Scientologist born into the Sea Org in 1983. His parents left the Sea Org when he was 6 years and raised Sam as a public Scientologist. After serving three more years in the Sea Org from age 17 to age 20 Sam moved to Clearwater to again be a public Scientologist. Sam was living in Clearwater in 2009 when The St. Pete Times published the "Truth Rundown" series which revealed the horrific abuse that had been occurring at the Int Base. Those articles caused Sam to reconsider his involvement in Scientology. From 2009 to 2012 Sam was out of Scientology but stayed under-the-radar due to professional and familial connections to Scientologists. In 2012 everything came crashing down when Sam lost his family, his friends and his job. After a series of unfortunate events which Sam discusses in this interview, Sam ended up serving 4 years in prison for a non-violent offense.