Blog: The Ass Clown Offensive - Miscavige Becomes "Anonymous" - 2011-07-17

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F0.png The Ass Clown Offensive - Miscavige Becomes "Anonymous" July 17, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I recognized a remarkable development recently that I believe warrants discussion.

When I began to speak out about two year ago, I walked onto what appeared to be a very black and white playing field. It appeared to be occupied by two opposing forces, the church of Scientology vs. the anti-Scientologists. In fact, after observing a while I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum. That in fact the two extreme sides (Miscavige Radicals) and those who vehemently professed anti-Scientology views (the whole subject should be retired, not merely the organization reformed or de-fanged) were reduced in some ways to creating one another, and resisting one another so strenuously as to perhaps even be flirting with becoming one another. See,

In late 09 and well into 2010 my wife and I were subjected to a number of intelligence operations and juvenile pranks - from being egged in London, to having our blog taken down, to having a locksmith attempt to re-key our home (on our alleged order that never occurred). Some were followed or preceeded by ominous sounding phone calls (altered electronically to sound techno-Anonymous) about how terror would continue to rain down upon us. Clearly, in the light of Anonymous pranks of that period, it was made to appear as if we were the targets of Anonymous.