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Blog: The Budapest Boondoggle - 2013-09-09

F376.png The Budapest Boondoggle September 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

One of our Special Correspondents in Budapest sent in this report of the sad tale of the failed attempts to create an "Ideal Org" in Budapest (this org was declared SH Size sometime in the 90's and at that time was one of the fastest growing orgs on earth). Some of the information in here is stunning — the rip off by the Int Landlord Office, the financial irregularities, the utter incompetence — but it is by no means uncommon. Similar stories have come in from many of these "Ideal Org" projects.

The Budapest Ideal Org Story

A bit of a background: Scientology was registered in Hungary as a church (and religion) in 1991. At that time, a religious organization needed 100 members and an official creed to get registered as a church. As the Hungarian Scientology movement had both, it was registered as a recognized religion.