Blog: The Church of Scientology 990-T's and Deadly Black PR - 2014-05-13

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F0.png The Church of Scientology 990-T's and Deadly Black PR May 13, 2014, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

I received an e-mail from someone who asked me where I obtained the Church of Scientology 990-T's. The person asking wanted to know because, as they claimed, anyone "still in the Church" would dismiss the IRS 990-T's posted on this blog as "Black PR." In other words, if a "still-in" came here they would believe the IRS 990-T's posted here were not real, that the forms were somehow manufactured to attack the Church of Scientology.

I can assure my readers that the 990-T's posted on this site are genuine and were made available by the IRS. Moreover, I fail to see how showing anyone that the Church has $1.5+ billion dollars in book value is Black PR, but the mindset is clear to see: "Still ins" may only consider that which they are spoon-fed in OSA handlings or Church PR.

The person writing to me argued that the 990-T's should be available on a neutral website; the apparent logic being that special steps need to be taken to satisfy the distrust and paranoia of people still in the Church of Scientology.