Blog: The David Miscavige Mag - 2018-05-28

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F376.png The David Miscavige Mag May 28, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Apparently taking a page from Oprah Winfrey, Dear Leader has commissioned his own magazine "David Miscavige."

The difference is, of course, that Oprah's magazine is actually about things other than Oprah.

This would appear to be more like something published by the PDRK PR team about Kim Jong-un than a magazine simply bearing someone's name like Forbes or Oprah. Or perhaps it is really more like a "Ron" mag, the hagiographic publication that purports to detail "Ron's life" but in fact merely presents pictures and articles that try to portray him as a "humanitarian", "yacht captain" or "photographer" while ignoring or erasing inconvenient details like his second wife Sarah who he married bigamously.