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Blog: The Feeling Of Elation - 2016-06-15

F376.png The Feeling Of Elation June 15, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This about sums up what scientology sells: The feeling of elation knowing I "helped."

They have convinced the people inside the bubble that money given the IAS is actually used for good. It is one of the sad truths of scientology that this is a lie.

More money is spent on creating the illusion that scientology (the IAS) is helping than is spent on actually helping anyone. The only real expenditures the IAS makes are the purchase of property — ostensibly to "service parishioners" but as every org on earth is shrinking, there is not a one of them that needs larger premises when most cannot cover their basic utilities costs. They only buy buildings because they have to spend SOME money. They cannot just accumulate hundreds of millions without running afoul of IRS regulations governing exempt organizations.