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Blog: The Flag Cannibals Have Eaten Themselves Out Of Business - 2014-07-23

F376.png The Flag Cannibals Have Eaten Themselves Out Of Business July 23, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

More indicators of how poorly thing are going at Flag. The recent post about the "goodwill mission" in DC is now followed by this — the "Flag World Tour" going to Phoenix...

Ignoring the horrendous grammar and typos, this email contains some interesting insight into what is happening at Flag.

The FWT is going to outnumber the people that come to their event in Phoenix — this is how desperate they are. They are not sending just a reg and a single Tech terminal — no, it's a Super Power Auditor AND a Qual Consultant, along with Kaye Champagne and 3 regges. They will be lucky to "consult" with 6 people total in Phoenix. The "ideal org" there is completely empty. But clearly they don't have anyone to audit or consult at Flag, and this is a new low, taking along the OTC Chairman as a featured speaker! There are a LOT of LRH issues, evals and orders concerning the Flag World Tour. None of them even CONTEMPLATED a public person being the "featured speaker." This is a pretty remarkable turn of events and is a startling indicator of how desperate they are.