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Blog: The GE is a Family Man - 2017-01-08

F376.png The GE is a Family Man January 8, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

My purpose for writing this post is to connect the dots between L Ron Hubbard's writing called "The GE Is A Family Man" and the heartless disregard that Scientology exhibits when destroying the sacred bonds of family. Since Ron has always drummed into us that Scientology is an applied philosophy, I will take him at his word, that he wants us to actually apply, in the real world, his words, theories and instructions.

Before I enter the GE Is A Family Man writing on this page, I want to first show you that it IS applied in the church. On a post on Marty Rathbun's site Moving On Up A Little Higher dated October 11, 2013 named "Scientology and the Sea Org" I presented this writing,The GE Is A Family Man, and theorized that this denigrating doctrine is a basic basic doctrine that instructs the Scientologist to see family bonding and loving emotional connection as an aberration and weakness.

One of the respondents to my post was Laura DeCrescenzo. She is presently suing the church for enforced abortion. This was her response to my post: