Blog: The Golden Age Of Admin Is Coming!! - 2014-04-23

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F376.png The Golden Age Of Admin Is Coming!! April 23, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The OT Committee blabberfests provide some interesting insight into the bubble. Usually we see stats reflecting the real scene, often they give us an idea of what the attention is on (it's invariably MONEY), and sometimes they slip up by announcing "future plans."

Of course, the impending Golden Age of Admin is no surprise. But this is the first "official" mention of it.

There's not much left to turn into a "Golden Age" — and it's a good one as all previous failures can be blamed on the "lack of standard Admin Tech." Of course no "ideal org" is going to make it as the OEC has been squirrel since the day LRH wrote it. And it has taken Dear Leader, D/Source For Lost Tech, to straighten it all out.