Blog: The Hole: A List of Prisoners - 2019-04-23

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F376.png The Hole: A List of Prisoners April 23, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There has been plenty of commentary about "The Hole" since it was first disclosed by Joe Childs and Tom Tobin in the St Petersburg Times in 2009, and again famously featured in Lawrence Wright's Going Clear book and Alex Gibney's HBO film based on the book.

Scientology has asserted the Hole "does not exist and never has." But the numerous people who have witnessed it first hand and spoken about it have, to any objective observer, put scientology's denials to the sword. Miscavige even had a sign made and hung on the outside of the building to identify it clearly as "The Hole." (Where he got the name from, I don't know, perhaps a reference to the Black Hole of Calcutta?)

The Hole has its very own Wikipedia page.