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Blog: The IAS -- The Black Heart of the Scientology Vulture Culture - 2013-05-14

F376.png The IAS -- The Black Heart of the Scientology Vulture Culture May 14, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The history of the International Association of Scientologists is worth knowing.

Its initial value (in 1984) as a repository of funds outside the reach of the IRS in 1984 may be debated. It seemed like a good way of protecting money.

The IAS had nothing to do with the "Portland Crusade" though David Miscavige has made it part of his history now. (As a note, the "winning tradition" born in Portland is another sleight of hand — the losing tradition of a $39 million judgment was born in Portland and then carried on in Los Angeles with another judgment for Wollersheim that was NOT vacated in spite of the same candlelight vigils and marches around the courthouse....) The story goes on from there, with numerous accomplishments credited to the IAS that they never in fact funded. And in many cases, there was NO accomplishment at all (see recent posts IAS Applied Scholastics Programs — Fact Check and IAS Human Rights Claims — Fact Check). But, it became a VERY important cash cow and Dear Leader became its controller, carnival barker and poster boy.