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Blog: The Latest "Catalyst For Planetary Clearing" - 2014-03-06

F376.png The Latest "Catalyst For Planetary Clearing" March 6, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Things in the world of perpetual money-grubbing move along at a rapid clip, with a new story every week (it's tough when you have to keep asking the same people over and over). As a result there is hyperinflation of the hype with each new story more over-the-top than the last one.

For 20 years the cry was to give us your money because Super Power is going to make planetary clearing a reality. Never mind the same thing was said about GAT I, The Basics, the Golden Age of Knowledge, Ideal Orgs, The International Dissemination Center, BPI, the purchase of KCET, ads on the Super Bowl and the Golden Age of Tanning Bed Tech.

Now, having soaked the suckers dry, right up to the last day, for the SP Building, they are at it again. Now we gotta have your money for the "LRH Hall" for "events with Chairman of the Board RTC." (Wonder why it isn't called the Hall That Must Not Be Named or Most Magnificent Hall For Appearances Of Glorious Dear Leader?)