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Blog: The Miscavige Briefing Course Is "Coming" - 2015-06-03

F376.png The Miscavige Briefing Course Is "Coming" June 3, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

We don't know when, but it is going to be "released" at some point....

All those Briefing Course lectures are being gone through with a fine tooth comb to find everything that was ever said wrong by LRH and to add super new indexes using state-of-the-art golden age of indexing tech.

Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and Ecclesiastical Leader of the Scientology(r) religion, Mr. David Miscavige is working day and night to go through and listen to every tape himself and personally create the index because he cannot trust anyone else to ensure this course is "100% standard tech" — not even L. Ron Hubbard.