Blog: The Nerve of Minerva by Samantha Domingo - 2011-07-25

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F0.png The Nerve of Minerva by Samantha Domingo July 25, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

We've been a bit distracted of late dealing with David Miscavige's robots carrying out his orders to run us out of our home and town. Part of the program includes defaming us with lies both on his 28 anti-Marty sites and individually to officials and citizens of our home town and region. I have been remiss lately in not keeping the vacuum filled on what goes on at Casablanca that causes the waves of cult members and PI's swirling about attempting our demise. I began the process yesterday and continue it today with the inimitable Samantha Domingo. Sam likes to joust with Minerva (handle for Miscavige's oracle of entheta – vicious lies). Sam wrote the following recently to put the lie to one of Minerva's oft-repeated propaganda lines. It tends to fill the vacuum of what goes on here while all the noise goes on in the streets.

The Nerve of Minerva

By Samantha Domingo