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Blog: The New Ideal Org Strategy - 2014-01-21

F376.png The New Ideal Org Strategy January 21, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

(Article by Special Correspondent)

The news is out that David Miscavige is loaning Scientology Auckland the sixteen million dollars needed to renovate their new "Ideal Org". This will follow up the ten million that they were loaned already to buy the building. There has been some speculation as to why he might do this, since Auckland is not exactly the "crossroads of the world". His constant companion Lou Henley-Smith is from Auckland, as is her large and almost entirely Scientologist family. So I would think that would be a factor.

Perhaps another factor is that the new Auckland "ideal org" is one of the first buildings David Miscavige announced as being purchased by an "IAS Grant" back in 2007, early on in the Ideal Org campaign.