Blog: The OTC Reports -- Things Are Looking Grim - 2014-02-03

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F376.png The OTC Reports -- Things Are Looking Grim February 3, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I recently published the Quarterly report for the EUS OT Committees and the stats for the WUS OT Committees.

Here are the quarterly reports from the other Conts. I cannot be bothered to read them, but specific areas may be of interest to some. I am publishing them all here so there is a public record as they are enlightening as to the state of the orgs. You will note as with the other areas that there is more reporting on the NON Scientology activities (WISE, WTH, Narconon etc) than on getting people into orgs. Where there are any specifics given on people moving on the bridge they are usually "one person started their basics last quarter and they are still doing good...".

Missing is the report from Africa. UPDATE: Africa now in and at the end of the report. The only additions I have made are to mark the "Ideal Orgs" in red, and in some areas where I noted there were no reports at all from some orgs I noted them. I may have missed some.