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Blog: The OT Hype - 2016-03-06

F376.png The OT Hype March 6, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Truman Show - pretty much the story of the world of scientology.

A lot of this promotional item is pretty familiar territory. They tend to recirculate the "wins" because once you start saying "this handles everything in the universe forever" it is really hard to follow it with anything "less." So, every success begins to sound familiarly absurd.

Just a few comments on this one in particular: if it were true that you handle "anything" with Solo NOTs "for eternity" what else IS THERE? Why would anyone then need to do OT VIII? Or more to the point — why would anyone need to do Super Power or the Running Program? Much less Student Hat, Purification and Objectives?