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Blog: The Real State of Flag and LA Orgs - 2016-03-01

F376.png The Real State of Flag and LA Orgs March 1, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

People send me information routinely on their visits to orgs, and I happened to get several recently from people who were in LA and also at Flag. I accumulate these because individually each one is not worth a whole post, but when there are a few they tell a story. In this case, apparently the rudderless ship is all but abandoned.

And it is interesting how the stories from different people in different orgs are all pretty much the same. And align so well with the information being imparted on the "Oh No Ross and Carrie" podcasts about their investigation of scientology at Los Angeles org (well worth listening to - humorous, insightful and honest).

There is no significance to the sequence of the orgs discussed and I have combined information from a number of people. The single overriding observation: The buildings are gorgeous but are uniformly empty except for Sea Org members.