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Blog: The Sad State of Scientology in South Africa - 2013-06-05

F376.png The Sad State of Scientology in South Africa June 5, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

How many people should two "St Hill" size Ideal Orgs (Jbg D & F), plus another Ideal Org (Pretoria) plus another org on the "launching pad" to become the "next" Ideal Org be able to round up to watch the One Time Only showing of the greatest speech since the Gettysburg address? A few thousand for sure... Right? After all, due to their massive expansion, these guys have their own "Advanced Org" already purchased and CGI'd for the world to see! It must be rocking and rolling in Joburg in this period of the greatest expansion in history. The floorboards must be caving in...

Well, if they PROMOTE the attendance was 160, and you can bet half of them were staff (after all, these St Hill size orgs between them have 300 staff according to their PR....) then that's 40 people per org.

That is if you believe the 160 figure. Maybe, if you include children.... If you count the heads in the photos its not more than 100. And let's not forget, this is also the "Cont Org" and the CLO is there and this crowd includes AT LEAST 10 vampires from the SO hungry for blood.