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Blog: The Secret - 2013-03-24

F0.png The Secret March 24, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

This is addressed those who have read the book (by Rhonda Byrne) or seen the film The Secret and failed to have its magic work for them.

The secret revealed in The Secret was the 'law of attraction.' In short, that which one thinks one gets. That upon which one focuses one's attention will be attracted into that person's life. As the book points out the secret is nothing new. More than 2500 years ago the Buddha was said to have said 'you are what you think.' What is new about The Secret is the marvelous job it does of communicating the simplicity of the truth from religious, spiritual, self-help, and even scientific perspectives. The crux of The Secret's authority is that great human beings throughout history have all apparently uttered the 'law of attraction' in their own ways as being a 'secret' to their successes.

However, mastering the law of attraction is not quite as easy as the book and movie make it out to be. If the secret was so simple to realize and apply, no doubt in the seven years since the book was introduced, and remained a bestseller, the world would have by now been transformed into something resembling the garden of Eden. So, what went wrong?