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Blog: The Smith's Let Another One Rip - 2013-09-06

F376.png The Smith's Let Another One Rip September 6, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Fresh news hot off the gossip train. These guys just let 'em rip and apparently expect everyone to be too polite to comment on their crassness.

New prices are part of GAG II! How special.... AND, based on a thorough study of everything LRH ever wrote or said about pricing (wonder if that includes the fact that that Academy Levels are supposed to be equivalent to one month average wage...?)

They already cancelled Service Completion Awards — funny, I read the despatch traffic from LRH where he came up with that idea. Believe me, nobody OTHER than LRH could implement an org giving people cash for completing service. But I guess their thorough review didn't include that.