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Blog: The Voice of the Silenced - 2010-02-28

F0.png The Voice of the Silenced February 28, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

"Rebel008" has always been somewhat of a composite voice. When I originally started this blog in July 2009 (has it only been seven months?), it was because I had been contacted by a group of OT VIIs and VIIIs who were fed up with the Church of Scientology. They contacted me after reading my online memoir of 35 years in the Church, Counterfeit Dreams. They wanted to expose the abuse, the tech and policy violations, the bullying tactics, but for one reason or another (family, business connections) were not free to speak out without retribution from the Church. Rebel 008 became their voice.

In the beginning, I kept my own involvement confidential, out of deference to the OTs who were speaking out. I didn't want to make it easy for the Church to track them down and harass them. But over the past months, this original group of OTs has gone public and found their own voices. And they have been replaced by dozens and dozens more, some of whom are free to speak publicly, some who are not, as they are still "in good standing" with the Church (whatever that means these days). My own identity is no longer an issue. My friends have known for some time that this is my blog and, through the grapevine, it has been common knowledge for several months. As I have been speaking out publicly since 2006, under my own name, anonymity is not a personal concern of mine.

Personally, I am an Ex-Scientologist. I no longer call myself a Scientologist. That does not mean, as some have intimated, that I hate everything about the subject or its practitioners. I have many close friends in the "Independent Scientologist" movement. They know that, even if we might not always agree on everything, I stand by them and defend their right to practice Scientology outside the Church. They are not abusing anyone. Personally I don't wish to be labeled, and have no desire to be associated in any way with the oppressive, extremist cult that the Church of Scientology has become.