Blog: The Wheels Have Come Off - 2013-10-05

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F376.png The Wheels Have Come Off October 5, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Thanks to all who expressed their support for the Garcia's and the first victory in their federal lawsuit in Tampa. They were much appreciated.

It is a long road to travel to ever exact any measure of justice out of the RCS, but the ruling of Judge Whittemore set the tone for the journeyahead. If I was one of the church's attorneys I would be very careful about wearing out my welcome with a very smart and no-nonsense Federal Court judge.

As I looked over at the sunken-eyed OSA staff and the cluster of overpaid attorneys it got me thinking about what life is like inside the bubble these days. Especially in the legal department. The Debbie Cook hearing in San Antonio in February 2012 set the stage for what the Queen of England would call an annus horribilus. In fact, I do not think there has ever been such a disastrous year in the history of Scientology as far as legal situations go....