Blog: Thursday Funnies - 2014-08-21

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F376.png Thursday Funnies August 21, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Just to kick things off — here is a recent Facebook posting about the newly formed Clearwater Postulate Guild (I kid you not):

I really think these people need to touch bases with reality. But they had better be careful what they are "postulating" for as a Clearwater government that was "uptone" (ie not in fear) and made sane decisions vis a vis the church may not be to the liking of the "OT's" and their Postulate Guild.

Before they start clearing anything down under, maybe they should start by clearing their MUs? Or at least getting an ideal spell checker. They didn't even make it through the second line. Wonder how the kiwis feel about the name of their country being wrong?