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Blog: Tis the Season - 2018-12-08

F376.png Tis the Season December 8, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

L. Ron Hubbard hating giving anything away for free and insisted on charging a hefty price for most all things connected with Scientology.

He preached that people didn't value goods and services that were given freely. Anything worth having was worth paying for. Paying for something meant it was valuable. Given freely, it was not.

This philosophy has hardened the hearts of countless Scientologists, driving many toward the level of "No Sympathy" on his infamous Tone Scale. The typical church member has little compassion for those without means or who don't meet LRH's exacting standards. They also have no sympathy for Scientologists not working tirelessly to get up the bridge as fast as they can.