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Blog: Truth Revealed about OT VIII - 2011-03-16

F0.png Truth Revealed about OT VIII March 16, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Let me tell you why David Miscavige's personal staff are currently jet setting all around the world desperately trying to drive OT VIIIs and OT VIIs back into the implant pen. Disappointed, confused, invalidated and in some cases simply broken OT VIIs and OT VIIIs have been coming to Casablanca in increasing numbers . While getting repaired and rehabbed we have been able to pretty much fully map the David Miscavige Black Dianetics version of "OT levels."

We have discovered that David Miscavige has altered the Bridge in such a perverse and diabolical fashion that the "new" End Phenomenon of OT VIII lays in a dastardly implant. This explains why some OT VIIIs have dutifully agreed to start the Bridge over again like so many squirrels in a cage. And it explains why those who have not been successfully implanted have been left in a state of confusion (they had enough theta – and understanding of Scientology - left to resist being thrust from the prior confusion into the implant).

Sometime between 1988 when OT VIII was first released and early in the new millennium (if not earlier) Miscavige ALTERED the End Phenomena of OT VIII so as to reverse its effect. This truth has been revealed by the combined testimonies of more than a dozen OT VIIIs who completed the level as early as 1988 and as late as 2010.