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Blog: Valley Interfaith Boondoggle - 2017-07-30

F376.png Valley Interfaith Boondoggle July 30, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Valley Idle Org is trying to generate some "PR Area Control" by buddying up with some "interfaith" allies. No doubt they will talk about how they are being targeted by "bigots" conducting a "campaign" of "anti-religion haters." (For an organization that derides the concept of being a victim they sure do a pretty good imitation of playing one).

I wonder if they have on their agenda the topics of "Disconnection and the destruction of families"? Or "Elderly Abuse in Scientology"? Or "How we cover up child abuse to protect the image of scientology?"

The people who are attending this "interfaith forum on tolerance and belief" have no clue what they are involving themselves in. Or they think it's a step up for them to get into bed with Scientology? Surely not....