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Blog: Valley OTC Minutes - 2016-08-17

F376.png Valley OTC Minutes August 17, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

For the record.

These have been accumulating for a while. The Special Correspondent who so diligently forwards these to me noted that it is interesting to look at these over time as you can see the false promises and pitches roll out and the things that are said in March that will happen in April go by without comment and then you start seeing new targets on the same thing in June. It is truly the donkey with the carrot on a stick — the only difference being the donkey is being ridden by vampires that inexorably suck the blood out of it, til it falls to the wayside and they jump on a new donkey.

Remember, THIS is the most important ideal org in this universe. It is the pride and joy of the scientology world. Located in the largest concentration of scientologists on earth. They have every other org and Mission in SoCal and even the ILO (international management) staff working to achieve their idealiness. And 12 years into that program, it's still not close to being done (they are shooting for an opening in 2017).