Blog: We're Just Getting Started - After 12 Years - 2015-07-21

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F376.png We're Just Getting Started - After 12 Years July 21, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

David Miscavige made an appearance in the UK over the weekend to help usher in the monumental new era of expansion that is about to begin with the "ideal" CLO UK. You can bet those managers who have raised the UK to such heights will be managing ever so much better from new desks with some fresh carpet. Nothing like some fresh carpet to make someone into a more competent manager.

Apparently obsessed with ribbon yanking, the Chairman of the Pompadour (the hair is a straight up and vertical VO5 masterpiece) flitted over to the UK to bask in the glory of all he has accomplished with his "ideal org" (not really "org" any more, it is truly ideal buildings, and literally ANYTHING will do, even Disneyworld storefront sets) program.

Below is a section of the breathless Shermanspeak that was quickly put up on the site.