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Blog: We Never Deliver What We Promise - 2014-01-02

F376.png We Never Deliver What We Promise January 2, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is a new twist.

You are in the middle of a service (one of Miscavige's certified "On Source" checksheets that came with the "Golden Age of Tech") and He reverts it back to an earlier version ("just how LRH intended it"), raises the price and then expects you to pay for the "upgrade". Mid-service. Wow.

Wonder if they ever thought of recrediting people for all the extra auditing they had to get in the "old" GAT Bridge before the release of the new, streamlined, extra on-Sourcy "upgraded" GAT II Bridge? You know, the "pilot" that was being delivered at Flag for 9 years while the Class V orgs all continued "doing it wrong, NOT how LRH intended." Aren't all those people sort of entitled to having at least SOME of those extra hours they had to pay for — when He KNEW it was wrong but didnt tell them — returned to them? Isn't that according to the policy He claims to follow? You know, the one about "Exchange"?