Blog: What's Wrong With - 2013-12-12

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F376.png What's Wrong With December 12, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The masters of the internet and cutting edge technology (see Warehouse VIII and the state-of-the-art paper printing plant) seem to have a rough time keeping their website relevant. Let alone problems with credibility.

They finally just put up an announcement about the opening of the Ideal Org in Kaohsuing. Though it might be best to just leave the Ideal Org thing to die an unlamented death. This is the 4th "Ideal Org" this year — though the first since the first clear city of Portland in May, preceded by the bust in Pretoria and the non-event in Cambridge Ontario. This is a big thumbs downstat from the claimed 11 last year? How come there are only ONE THIRD as many Ideal Orgs this year as last year???

You still find this on the webpage: