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Blog: What Do They Fear? - 2013-09-25

F376.png What Do They Fear? September 25, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Just what is it that the church is SO worried about? Why are they so paranoid about information "leaking" onto the internet?

Funny, David Miscavige seems to enjoy crowing about how they got "19 million hits" (I know its a lie as this blog gets MORE visitors than and I average around 8,000 per day and even at 2.5 pages per visitor that only totals 7.3 million a year) and have numerous "state-of-the-art" websites and are on the "cutting edge." But they are terrified it seems about things showing up on the internet that they are not controling.

And for an organization that constantly proclaims how "open" they are ("we are NOT secretive") it's amusing to see them trying to keep everything secret.