Blog: What Management? - 2009-07-18

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F0.png What Management? July 18, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

At the 2005 Maiden Voyage event, David Miscavige announced that his "Ideal Orgs" would be manned with OT VIIIs. Great idea. Not to nitpick, but as far as I know, OT VIII isn't an admin training level.

Nonetheless, a friend of mine, an OT VIII, decided to get with the program and join staff at her local org. Her husband had a good job and was willing to support her, so she didn't have to worry about the low pay/no pay as a Class V Org staff member. Turns out, most of her fellow OT VIIIs at the org were in the same position - women being supported by their husbands so they could devote their time to the org, without pay if needed.

My friend took on the post of Tech Sec, and was enthusiastic about really booming the org's tech delivery. As a part of her groove-in to the post, she was given a thick stack of programs to study. These were the programs she was supposed to be operating on. As she made her way through literally dozens of programs, she became increasingly dismayed. It was a confusing mishmash of programs, some of them many years old. There were programs to implement the Golden Age of Tech, programs to debug the implementation of the Golden Age of Tech, a program to implement the Solo Course (which her org didn't deliver), programs for Advanced Orgs ("some of the targets are applicable") and so on.