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Blog: What Miscavige is Trying to Stop - 2011-04-22

F0.png What Miscavige is Trying to Stop April 22, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

You may have seen that I informed "OT VIII" OTA John Allender, his three companions, and their boss David Miscavige by extension, that they were interrupting the delivery of Scientology services at Casablanca. Allender annoucned that they would be here "for weeks and weeks" and his Sonny Barger wanna be sidekick, added "for as long as it takes." Based on information from excellent sources, the "it" is very clear. Miscavige has ordered me closed down by any means necessary. Even if that does inestimable damage to the image of Scientology in the process. Miscavige is reading the successes, he is seeing that his institutional implants are being remedied and exposed in short order here in a very safe environment. Therefore, he "reasons", make the environment unsafe.

Just so people are not confused about the intentions and PRODUCT of David Miscavige, let's see an example of what it is that he is investing millions in trying to STOP.

April 6, 2011