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Blog: What We Are Doing Here - 2010-10-04

F0.png What We Are Doing Here October 4, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

There have been some questions of late about what my intentions are for this blog. These come from people that seem offended by my allowance of comments that question aspects of Scientology and my posts suggesting reading outside of Scientology. I think one huge impediment - if not the biggest of all - to people realizing the gains attainable from Scientology is the Org inclulcated false sense, even beingness, of "certainty." It is an injection of the biggest barrier to learning - thinking one already knows. I see Scientologists being created who taste a bit of "Know About" on the Know to Mystery scale and buy into some bullshit that they have achieved KNOW. They have been denied achieving KNOW by learning how to talk the talk without ever learning to walk the walk. And therein lie some seeds that grow into what people on the outside perceive as a cult.

One does not achieve KNOW without passing through NOT KNOW. (Know to Mystery Scale)

NOT KNOW lies above CURIOSITY on the CDEI Scale.