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Blog: Who's Who - 2010-01-06

F0.png Who's Who January 6, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Just a few months ago, we used to regularly announce people leaving David Miscavige's Brave New Church of Miscavology. These days, there are so many leaving it's hard to keep up. Kudos to Kathy Braceland, Murray and Exilda Pearlman, Dr. Brad and Natalie Hagemo, and Silvia Kusada, to name just a few of the recent, high-profile ones. Of course, for every one going public, there are many more behind the scenes, out of the Church but still flying under the radar, usually because of family connections.

But if you think it's hard for us to keep track of everyone who is leaving, think of the poor Scientologists who are still in the Church! From all indications, there is massive confusion as to who one can and cannot talk to!

Case in point: we recently received an e-mail from Tomi Lyn Bowling, forwarded to us by one of our "reporters." Tomi is, bless her, trying to make sense of all this and trying to keep people from connecting with, or talking to, the wrong people. It's something like herding cats, but she makes an interesting attempt.