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Blog: Who Needs OT Levels? - 2016-06-01

F376.png Who Needs OT Levels? June 1, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

According to this promotional piece, L11 handles everything. So why bother with OT levels? Or anything else for that matter?

But then again, there are a lot of "success" stories about every scientology service (Student Hat, Purif, Objectives, Grades, Dianetics, PTS RD, Word Clearing and on and on ad nauseum) where the person proclaims it holds the answers to EVERYTHING and has made them TOTAL CAUSE on all dynamics or "no longer effect of the physical universe" or whatever. Of course, none of them are true. I saw something today proclaiming that OT VIII absolutely "cures" "amnesia on the whole track." This is the ultimate accomplishment in scientology. Yet it's such a transparent lie, simply demonstrated as false. Have ANY OT VIII completion provide the details of their life before this one. Forget "whole track" — just ONE lifetime. Name, details about their life, where they lived etc. In today's world it is easy enough to check records. Hell you could do it with a Google search. If they cannot recall their last life it stands to reason their "amnesia on the whole track" is NOT cured. This IS the stated result of completing OT VIII.

I am happy for people who feel they are better for having done a service. But the enforced success stories and claims of "End Phenomena" are simply absurd. The statements made have grown more and more outrageous over time because everything in scientology always has to be bigger and better than whatever came before. Success stories in scientology today are like German marks in 1923. A wheelbarrow full of them wouldn't get you a loaf of bread and stacks of them could be used as children's building blocks. Hyperinflation of hype has caught up with scientology.