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Blog: Why I (We) Write - 2017-09-16

F376.png Why I (We) Write September 16, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

One of the things LRH got right was emphasizing the importance of communication. The more we read and write, the more we understand what's going on. Writing is connecting with others. Writing is learning. Writing is being. Writing is all sorts of shit. Writing is fun.

Discussions on this blog have helped me understand the "stable data" I accepted while inside the bubble as something other than unquestionable truth.

Scientology Cut My Comm, Fuck You Very Much

For over thirty years Scientology cut my comm. Not only my communication with others, but my communication with myself. Listening to what outsiders said about the church was risky business. Expressing my true thoughts was a perilous endeavor. Thinking about anything that didn't align with church doctrine was a crime.