CIA Analyst Turned Candidate Fears She'll Get Doxxed Next - 2018-08-29

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F375.png CIA Analyst Turned Candidate Fears She'll Get Doxxed Next August 29, 2018, Spencer Ackerman, Daily Beast

Slotkin is a former CIA analyst and senior Pentagon official running for Congress in Michigan as a Democrat. To hold her positions, she needed to obtain a security clearance—and to obtain a security clearance, she had to fill out a highly sensitive form listing her most sensitive personal history. And now, she fears, it may be only a matter of time before that form is revealed.

That's because Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operations officer running for Congress in Virginia, has seen her security clearance application released to her GOP political opponents, as The New York Times revealed Tuesday night. That application, known bureaucratically as an SF-86 form, is a trove of highly revealing and potentially weaponizable personal information—leaving Slotkin and others with biographical similarities to Spanberger wondering if the disclosure of such documentation on national security officials, until now exceptionally closely held by the government, is about to become a new normal in U.S. right-wing politics.

Slotkin told The Daily Beast that she doesn't know if her own clearance application has been obtained by a political foe. She hasn't seen any evidence thus far that the highly sensitive information within it has featured in any political opposition to her campaign. But she has to wonder.

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