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Campaign Fact-Check: Doug Ford on Subways, Subways, Subways - 2014-10-11

F93.png Campaign Fact-Check: Doug Ford on Subways, Subways, Subways October 11, 2014, Graeme Bayliss, Torontoist

Over the course of this campaign we've attempted to provide a basis for comparing the candidates on one simple metric: how often do they lie? For each of the major contenders we've taken one major speech and gone through the transcript, flagging falsehoods, distortions, convenient omissions, and other forms of obfuscation.

"Attempted." Doug Ford, the last entrant into the race for mayor when his brother took ill, has given no major speeches, and has none scheduled. We cannot therefore give him quite the same level of analysis we've been able to provide the other candidates. But he did, recently, deliver some relatively lengthy remarks on his transit plan (relative to the usual brevity with which he speaks) and so, forthwith, a line-by-line analysis of those remarks, and their fidelity to truth.

When Doug Ford inherited Rob's mayoral election campaign less than a month ago, he inherited the mayor's subway-heavy transit plan, too. But that plan does not bear much scrutiny—it has been roundly criticized for its impracticality and fiscal irresponsibility since it was first unveiled in September. It was therefore inevitable that Ford would have to bend the truth when pitching his plan to the public.

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