Canada's Newest Ultra-Nationalist Group Plans Show of Force - 2017-09-07

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F0.png Canada's Newest Ultra-Nationalist Group Plans Show of Force September 7, 2017, Simon Coutu, Vice News

The Northern Guard, a new conservative ultranationalist group, intends to protest against what they falsely call "illegal immigration" on September 30 in Lacolle, Quebec alongside the Storm Alliance, and in Ottawa, in front of the federal Parliament. Formed by a number of former members of Soldiers of Odin, this men-only group claims they want to "defend the country against its internal enemies."

I met two members of the Northern Guard at a tavern in Gatineau, Le Petit Canot, which also serves as a regular meeting place for the group. Nationally, they have about 300 members, according to the Facebook page of the group founded in June in Moncton by Nick Gallant, former provincial president of the Soldiers of Odin for New Brunswick.

Last spring, the anti-immigration group Soldiers of Odin (SOO) splintered, as the Quebec chapter left the national organization, saying they wanted to distance themselves from the racist positions of the founder of the group, Finland's Mika Ranta. From this schism was born Storm Alliance and The Northern Guard.

Brian Wallingford, a heavy machinery operator in Maniwaki and former provincial vice president of SOO, is a national recruiter for The Northern Guard. "In Finland, SOO is a group of skinheads," the 43-year-old man, arms covered with tattoos, told me. "We always ended up being treated as racists. So we founded a group with Canadian values. "

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