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Blog posts on Scientology.

As references

As references, these are much more problematic than news articles. On the surface, these are "opinion that some person posted" vs. "a professional organization, with a journalist who wrote an article to publication standards, passed it to an editor who reviewed it objectively, possibly passed it to teams of fact-checkers and legal advisers, then published it against the reputation of the publishers".

In a perfect world...

Sadly, news articles can range from hard-sourced informative journalism to gunk that was squeezed on to a web page. Sometimes both can come from the same organization.

Likewise, blog posts can come from someone extremely knowledgeable, who cites sources or is authoritative on the subject, such that if they were quoted by a third-party publication, it would immediately become a citable Wikipedia:Reliable Source.

Blog posts indexed by UmbraXenu are from authors who have a history of high-quality informative posts, but they have not been fact-checked or screened. Proceed with caution when reading and citing, especially with claims about living persons.

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