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Camelot Castle Hotel

The most notable of the hotels is the King Arthur's Castle Hotel (Castle Hotel; now called Camelot Castle Hotel), an enterprise of Sir Robert Harvey and opened in 1899: the architect was Silvanus Trevail. It was originally intended as the terminus hotel for a planned branch railway line from Camelford that was never built.[1] The hotel stands alone on land previously known as Firebeacon.[2] The hotel was built in 1896. The front has battered walls, a central entrance tower rising to five storeys and projecting four-storey corner towers; the towers have machicolations and rise above the three storeys of the rest of the building. The Great Hall on the first floor is designed around a replica of the Winchester Round Table and has Romanesque arcades with Italian marble piers.[3] In November 2010, an exposé of the hotel's business practices was broadcast by the BBC television programme Inside Out South West.[4]

The exterior of the Camelot Castle Hotel was used to portray Dr. Seward's asylum in the 1979 film, Dracula starring Laurence Olivier and Donald Pleasence.


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