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Oak Cove
Type Sea Org
Legal status Commercial hotel property
Purpose Accommodations for public Scientologists taking services, courses at Flag Land Base
  • 210 S Oseola Ave, Clearwater, FL, USA
Owner Flag Service Organization
Website Flag Service Organization
  • 240 rooms
  • 1 restaurant

A 240 room commercial hotel catering only to Scientologists, paying full property and various hotel taxes.[1] Formerly classified as religious with course, auditing and administration areas, those activities were transferred to the Super Power Building when it opened.[2]


  1. Scientology starts collecting bed tax when county questions why it wasn't December 17, 2010, Joe Childs, Tampa Bay Times
  2. Scientology's upgrades to boost taxes in Pinellas May 3, 2008, Robert Farley, Tampa Bay Times

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