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The Pioneer Fund, Inc.
Formation March 17, 1937 (1937-03-17)
Jurisdiction us-ny
Registration no. 38793

The 1937 incorporation documents of the Pioneer Fund list two purposes. The first, modeled on the Nazi Lebensborn breeding program,[2] was aimed at encouraging the propagation of those "descended predominantly from white persons who settled in the original thirteen states prior to the adoption of the Constitution of the United States and/or from related stocks, or to classes of children, the majority of whom are deemed to be so descended". Its second purpose was to support academic research and the "dissemination of information, into the 'problem of heredity and eugenics'" and "the problems of race betterment".[3] The Pioneer Fund argues the "race betterment" has always referred to the "human race" referred to earlier in the sentence, and critics argue it referred to racial groups. The document was amended in 1985 and the phrase changed to "human race betterment."

The Pioneer Fund supported the distribution of a eugenics film titled Erbkrank ("Hereditary Defective" or "Hereditary Illness") which was published by the pre-war 1930s Nazi Party. William Draper obtained the film from the predecessor to the Nazi Office of Racial Policy (Rassenpolitisches Amt) prior to the founding of the Pioneer Fund.[4] According to the Pioneer Fund site, all founders capable of doing so participated in the war against the Nazis.[5][dox](Dubious claim)

Tax information

Updated December 16, 2022 (2022-12-16)
Name Pioneer Fund Inc
EIN 51-0181036
Subsection 03 - Charitable Organizations
Deductibility 1 - Contributions are deductible.
Ruling date 03/1938
Form 990s
2019 file 990PF, $0.00, 10/29/21
2018 file 990PF, $251,750.00, 07/10/19
2017 file 990PF, $206,665.00, 12/12/18
2016 file 990PF, $158,313.00, 06/19/17
2015 file 990PR, $0.00, 05/16/17
2014 file 990PF, $94,336.00, 06/02/15
2013 file 990PF, $127,480.00, 04/21/14

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