Chill EB and Me: Rappin' About Scientology - 2011-11-23

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F11.png Chill EB and Me: Rappin' About Scientology November 23, 2011, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

Chill EB and a fan on set (from Chill's Facebook page) Last night, rapper Chill EB showed up in the comments to the story we had written about his interesting career as a 1990s Bay Area up-and-comer who today is Scientology's in-house hip hop act.

What ensued was several hours of interaction, as the rapper dangled the possibility of an interview with the Voice while also defending himself from several of our readers, who seemed to be in an aggressive mood.

Finally, at about 2 am, Chill offered to meet through Twitter in order to exchange telephone numbers and have a conversation. Instead, a two-hour Direct Message dialogue ensued. After the jump, some background for those unsure who Chill EB is, and our exchange...

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